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Father of AHHHS – The “F” Word

My four year old son Valentino is quite articulate – we have never spoken to him in “baby talk” or “simple talk” – we speak to him as a thinking individual, and he responds to us in the same manner. It doesn’t mean that he does not say the darndest things – in fact the most mileage I get from my Facebook posts are often my “Conversations with Tino.” Most recently our conversations are not only getting deeper, they are getting more complicated and more diverse. One conversation I was not expecting to have at four years old was the…

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Father of AHHHS – Why do I exist?

A moment that nearly caused me to fall flat on my ass and gasp, was when my four and a half year old asked me, “Daddy, what is my purpose in life?”  The conversation that followed went something like this; Daddy: What do you mean Valentino? Tino: Well you help all those children, and you get to be the boss. Daddy: Um, okay, I guess. Tino: Papa gets to teach kids to dance. Daddy: Yup. Tino: What can I do when I grow up?  Can I be a Fire Fighter? Daddy: Tino when you grow up you can do or…

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#ImuaBall + Next Level Entertainment

Can you explain the mission behind Next Level Entertainment? We bring award-winning DJ artistry, high energy MCs with amazing lighting designs to events. We push the boundaries by being creative and the innovators in our entertainment field.  We deliver a world-class party experience that will exceed your expectations! Why is it important for Next Level Entertainment to support families with children in need?  Its very important for Next Level Entertainment to support families with children in need because agencies such as Imua Family Services have personally helped us when we needed the help. And for that, we are forever grateful to…

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#ImuaBall + Sephora Maui

Can you explain the mission behind Sephora? At  Sephora we are here to give you the most unparalleled shopping experience.  With exceptional consultants and unprecedented forms of technology within our doors, we are ready to play and teach you anything and everything you need to know about makeup and skincare!  We are unbiased, personalized and engaged experts who want you to leave happy and feeling your best! Why is it important for Sephora to support families with children in need? It is important to give of our time and resources.  Sephora understands the importance of family as it is a…

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Imua Early Childhood Series on Living 808: Special Instruction

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Imua Talks: Dramatic Play

Imua Preschool Teacher Gemma Medina talks with Dean Wong on the benefits of Dramatic Play and it’s role at the Imua Preschool.

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Imua Talks: IFS Care Coordinator

Dean Wong talks with Imua Family Services Care Coordinator Ericka Chavez about common child development milestones.

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Imua Talks: Speech/Language

Dean Wong talks with Speech Language Pathologist Nance Fellerman and how speech is a part of a child’s development.

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Imua Talks: Imua Preschool

Dean Wong talks with PreSchool Teacher Gemma Medina about our Imua Preschool Programs.

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Imua Early Childhood Series on Living 808: Kindergarten Ready

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