Early Childhood Development



Our Early Childhood Development Program provides services to children three to six years old who do not meet the meet age appropriate developmental milestones and fall outside the scope of the Department of Education & Special Education Services.


Early Intervention enriches the lives of both child and parent by promoting positive development. It provides successful strategies for parents, caregivers, teachers and daycare providers and enhances home and school environments. Ultimately, Early Intervention leads to stronger more productive children and families.


The needs of each child are met through professional therapeutic services designed for the child to help them thrive in their home, preschool and community. Our goal is to better prepare the child for kindergarten and beyond.

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Even though Imua has contracted with the state Department of Health for the past 30 years to provide services, Imua must raise 30% of its revenue from community gifts. Community support is critical to maintain Imua’s excellence, ensure its ability to respond to changing community needs, and guarantee that Imua Family Services will be there to give future generations of children and their families’ opportunities to thrive.



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  • "When you support Imua Family Services, you help change the lives of children and families in need of services. For 67 years Imua has been the key to helping island children gain the skills needed to have a healthy productive life." - Zadoc and Stephanie Brown

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