Dream Imua

Dreams are our common ground. They take place in our limitless imagination where our hearts can create new realities. If we dream it, we can make it real. It’s easy to believe that way when things are going well, but what about when times are hard?  Hope can hide away and make our dreams seem unreachable.

Dream Imua supports Maui County’s children at a time when they need it most. When children are in a crisis of any kind, they can lose hope. Sometimes their sense of stability is shattered, their faith in the future and themselves is gone. By granting them a day of their dreams, this program empowers them to believe that they are special and there is hope.








Building Dreams

Dream Imua provides a dream day to children between the ages of 4 and 16 who face a crisis such as; abuse, neglect, medical or psychological issues, personal loss or family difficulties. Qualified social services programs, pediatricians and professionals can refer eligible children to Dream Imua.

Partnering with Maui’s generous businesses and community members, Dream Imua helps to restore hope. Children who come to Dream Imua, create and experience their own special dream day on Maui. This child-directed approach not only offers a reprieve from suffering, but validates the child’s self-worth, sending positive messages of support and encouragement.

Dream Imua Guidelines

In order to participate a child must be referred by a social serve provider or a physician and meet the guidelines below:

  • The child must be a full time resident of Maui County
  • The child must be 4–16 years old
  • The child must be referred to the Program by a valid referral agent using our Dream Imua Referral Application which includes our Dream Imua Consent Form signed by a legal guardian
  • The child may not have participated in an Imua Dream Day in the past, unless there is a renewed cause for a referral
  • The child will need an adult in his or her life who can participate in the Dream Day and focus on the child while ensuring his or her safety
  • The reason for the referral must consist of a “crisis” rather than a long-term chronic issue (e.g. a disability)
  • The child will need to physically participate in the Dream Day activity and be able to make their own choice in identifying their Dream Day option


Click here to download the Dream Imua Referral Application

For more information please email dream@imuafamilyservices.org or call (808) 244-7467.




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