Since 1990, A Keiki’s Dream (AKD) has supported Maui County’s neediest children, granting them a day of their dreams—and empowering them to believe that they are special and there is hope.

When children are in crisis of any kind, they lose hope. Sometimes their sense of stability is shattered, their faith in the future and themselves—gone.gf81178 160

Modeled after national wish-fulfilling programs for children, AKD provides Dreams to children between the ages of 4 and 16 who face a crisis of any nature—abuse, neglect, homelessness, medical or psychological issues, personal loss or family difficulties. Qualified social services programs and professionals refer eligible children to AKD.

Children who come to AKD choose, create and experience his or her own special Dream on Maui. This child-directed approach not onlyoffers a reprieve from suffering, but validates the child’s self-worth—sending positive messages of support and encouragement, reminding the child what it is to have hope.

AKD now serves more than 75 children each year, and has facilitated more than 1,400 Dreams since it began.

A Keiki’s Dream Guidelines

In order to participate in a Dream, a professional social service and family provider who refer children in crisis must refer children to AKD, consistent with these guidelines:


  • All children must be full time residents of Maui County
  • Children served must be 4–16 years old
  • The child must be referred to A Keiki’s Dream Program using our AKD Referral Form by a valid referral agent and include our AKD Consent Form signed by a legal guardian
  • The child must not have participated in an A Keiki’s Dream day in the past, unless there is a new cause for referral
  • The child will need an adult in his or her life who can participate in the Dream and focus on the child while ensuring his or her safety
  • The reason for the referral must consist of a “crisis” rather than a long-term chronic issue (e.g. disability)
  • The child will need to physically participate in a Dream activity and be able to make his or her own choice in identifying his/her Dream option.

Ways to Help

For more information:

A Keiki’s Dream

161 S. Wakea Ave.,

Kahului, HI 96732

Email: dream@imuafamilyservices.org

AKD Referral Form