Join the #ImuaBall with Dr. Heather! Our Live Blog from the event TONIGHT

If you can’t join us in person tonight at the fabulous #ImuaBall at the Hyatt tonight, follow me here for LIVE updates! Scroll down to see my new posts all night long. Don’t forget to visit our live Twitter feed here too. But first, let me tell you why I’m a child psychologist devoted to consulting at Imua.  We thought Kacy* had autism. He didn’t speak at age 2. His foster parents were so worried — he had spent his earliest months in an drug abusing, chaotic home. But once his team at Imua diagnosed and treated his emotional and developmental issues, Kacy started to thrive. He’s now been adopted by his parents — and won’t quit talking! That’s why I’m here tonight. I’m a true believer — an Early Childhood Evangelist, if you will. Over 20 years of experience, I’ve seen that the littlest bit of therapy goes a very long way in early childhood. The power of development is truly a miraculous thing to behold. Let’s make sure all the Kacys out there have the help they need. Early childhood intervention makes sense clinically, but it’s also what I believe to be our moral imperative as a community. It makes sense financially, too — helping children costs pennies today — but will cost much, more more if we wait until later in life (in dollars as well as in pain and suffering). So if you want your donation dollars to go a long way, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll be visiting with therapists, Board members, donors, and family supporters tonight at the fabulous #ImuaBall tonight — and updating you all here, so keep checking back throughout the night!

Getting ready for Imua's big night!

Getting ready for Imua’s big night!

*Name changed to protect confidentiality

Imua supporter and good friend Andy Pells with my hubby Dr. David Wittenberg, enjoying the sights — 10:07 PM

Miss Maui with Dr. David Wittenberg and Andy Pells

Miss Maui with Dr. David Wittenberg and Andy Pells



Our Own Dr. Gabi Galler-Rimm, Board Member and Developmental Pediatrician — 9:48 PM

I love this lady! Mom, doctor, community supporter — and my neighbor. Her love for the kids — and expert knowledge — helps families all over Maui. We’re so lucky to have her and her husband Dr. Mike Rimm here tonight, with their friends the Chiarellas.

Dr. Gabi and Dr. Mike with their good friend Reta Chin Chiarella

Dr. Gabi and Dr. Mike with their good friend Reta Chin Chiarella

Board Chair Karen Worthington looking fabulous, thanking supporters — 9:10 PM

Karen Worthington has an amazing resume — nationally known attorney, child advocate, and policy wonk. And we have her HERE to guide this organization! I caught up with her while she was personally thanking donors and supporters tonight.

Karen Worthington

Karen Worthington

Honorary Chairs Loving Imua — “You can’t get any better services anywhere. We are so grateful for Imua.” Stephanie and Zadoc Brown — 8:21 PM

I grew up with Zadoc, and those of us who know him know that he’s a man of surprising diversity of opinions. But when it comes to Imua, he and his wife Stephanie — our honorary chairs — are steadfast in their belief that Imua is essential for Maui families. Their own experience with services for their son spurred them to volunteer their support. So glad you folks are here tonight! ” The kids are so cute, and I get to help the parents, and let them know everything is going to be OK.” Rochelle Dunning, Imua Special Instruction Teacher — 7:41 PM “Auntie Ro” and I have worked together on tons of cases over the years, and her enthusiasm is catching. She encourages the families, and the kiddos love to play with her — never knowing she’s sneaking the best Early Intervention practices into every session. Together, we figure out why children aren’t talking, or are frightened, and make a plan to help. Thank goodness for Auntie Ro!

Celebrating with Auntie Ro

Celebrating with Auntie Ro

Dana Fulton, Imua Success Story and Fashion Plate –7:25 PM I’m thrilled to have chatted with Dana Fulton just now. I got a sneak-peek back in the Green Room, where Dana is prepping for her finale in the fashion show tonight. Dana tells me, “I wouldn’t be here without Imua. I couldn’t walk or talk. I needed them to overcome my delays. Imua means everything to me.” She’s now happily married with a bachelor’s degree — see more about her here. Can’t wait to see your big moment later, Dana!

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  1. by Sara Tekula

    On April 6, 2014 at 12:33 am

    This was great, Heather! Thank you for live blogging! I hope you had a lot of fun!

  2. by Dean Wong

    On April 8, 2014 at 9:30 pm

    Mahalo Dr. Heather, it was great to see the ball through someone else’s eyes, and hearing your perspective on the night.

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