Speech-Language Pathology

#WisdomWednesday, Christina Jennings, SLP

Favorite Toy to use in Therapy? Books! Literacy – even under 3yr olds can be exposed to books. Remember to make it fun & repetitive. A personal favorite book is Yummy Yucky. Check back for a youtube reading soon! Words of Wisdom? Imitation – copy your child’s speech & babble (per-conversation skill.) When asking questions, always provide correct answers when child doesn’t respond or answers incorrectly.  

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#WisdomWednesday Beth Jones, MS, CCC-SLP

Between balancing motherhood, her work as a Speech Language Pathologist here at Imua and a volunteer leader for a monthly Down Syndrome group, it’s always nice to catch up with Beth Jone MS, CCC-SLP. Here are her practical and no-cost #WisdomWednesday tips! Favorite toy/tool to use in therapy? I always try to use a book or two in every session. I think it is very important for parents to read with their children beginning at a very young age.  If they are too little to sit through the story, just look at the pictures, ask them to point to pictures…

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#WisdomWednesday with Aunty Lilly, AS, SLPA

Lillian Pimentel, AS, SLPA aka “Aunty Lilly” We sat down with 8 year Imua Veteran and Speech Language Pathology Assistant, Aunty Lilly recently to chat “Wisdom Wednesday.” Aunty Lilly explained the importance of quality time and the fine line between too much screen time and her recommended 30 minute time limit (ipod, ipad, tablet etc.) Favorite toy to use in therapy? I use a five piece animal shape sorter in almost every session. It’s a versatile toy that can teach a child about colors, shapes, problem solving, language, reciprocal play and more. I’ve used it with each age group I…

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American Sign Language (ASL) Colors


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American Sign Language Power Words

Our resident American Sign Language  (ASL) guru Ashley Jung, MS, CCC-SLP kicks off the New Year with American Sign Language Power Words. Access these ASL tutorials via our mobile app as well for use on the go!

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Have a question? Ask Imua!

We here at Imua want to better connect with YOU. “Ask Imua” will open the floor to any questions regarding Imua’s services. You will be able to pose a question one of two ways: in the comment section of this blog, or on any of Imua’s social media accounts (facebook, twitter, instagam etc.) with the hashtag #askimua  and we will answer to the fullest of our ability. Confidentiality is a priority so for anonymous questions email us at msatoafaiga@imuafamilyservices.org. Names will be omitted unless otherwise noted. Ready. Set. ASK IMUA!  

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Last Minute gift ideas from our Speech Language Pathologist!!

If you are like me then Christmas shopping may be done all the way up until midnight on Christmas Eve! We collected a list of fun yet developmentally beneficial toys for the precious keiki in your life. Remember when you purchase through our Amazon link (under the donate link at www.imuafamilyservices.org) a portion of proceeds goes to Imua!! Happy Holidays!! Fish Colors Mix N Match Peg Puzzle (Melissan and Doug)  Melissa & Dog Magnetic Hide and Seek Board  Pretend food Letter Blocks Bubbles Pretend microphones Pet Hospital with Keys Peek-a-Moo Pop-up toys   Ball pit & balls  

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American Sign Language (ASL)- Family Members

Just in time for the holidays, our very own Ashley Jung, MS, CCC-SLP teaches us sign for different family memebers! Let us know how your doing in the comment section below!! Happy Holidays!!

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American Sign Language (ASL) Numbers 11 through 20

We hope you have been perfecting your American Sign Language numbers 1 through 10. Continue your ASL number education  with Ashley as she counts from 11 through 20. If you missed 1 through 10, freshen up here!

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American Sign Language (ASL) Numbers 1-10

This week Ashley counts 1 through 10! Ready….go!

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