Physical Therapy

#WisdomWednesday, Carol Riccio, MS, PT

1. What is your favorite toy you use in therapy? I really like long strings of beads. To avoid choking hazards, I recommend beads that are molded to the string (pictured above.) There are beads light enough for babies to hold , fun enough that older children can play dress up and malleable enough to make into small rings or big enough to jump through. 2. Words of Wisdom…? Help your child develop good posture and core strength by encouraging them to sit on the floor with both feet to the front “crisscross” or both feet to the same side “side…

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#WisdomWednesday Sarah McCloud, DPT

Alaska native, Sarah McCloud celebrates her first year at Imua in less than a week! A Doctor of Physical Therapy, her 7 year academic career would eventually land her on Maui. We sat down with the quite but informatively lethal DPT to chat about her favorite therapy tools and words of wisdom. Favorite Toy to use in therapy? I would say the Therapy Ball. It’s used for vestibular stimulation and balance reaction, core strength and tummy time. For older children a smaller ball will help to ensure that their feet are planted on the grown when doing these exercises. Words…

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Have a question? Ask Imua!

We here at Imua want to better connect with YOU. “Ask Imua” will open the floor to any questions regarding Imua’s services. You will be able to pose a question one of two ways: in the comment section of this blog, or on any of Imua’s social media accounts (facebook, twitter, instagam etc.) with the hashtag #askimua  and we will answer to the fullest of our ability. Confidentiality is a priority so for anonymous questions email us at Names will be omitted unless otherwise noted. Ready. Set. ASK IMUA!  

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