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#WisdomWednesday Joni Watanabe, OTR/L

A UH Manoa graduate, Joni Watanabe began as an intern at Imua Family Services during Graduate school at Pacific University in Oregon. In 2009 she came on board as a  an Occupational Therapist where she continues to work alongside her former mentor. Toys in tow, Joni seems to always have lots of treats in her bag. Check out her must have toy and her tips to parents and caretakers below! Favorite Toy to use in therapy? Nesting/stacking cups (pictured below) – Due to it’s versatility, I can use this toy with my 1 year old as well as 5 year…

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Sensory with Sallerson: Tips for Teachers

 Tips for Teachers – Classroom Specific In this segment of Sensory with Sallerson, we explore different scenarios and tips to meet a child’s sensory needs in the classroom.  Scenario One: So here come the kids. Oh gosh, that Johnny, he is such a hand full. He rocks in his chair, fiddles with things on his desk, chews his pencils and is always talking in class. What should I do with him? This child can be sensory defensive, sensory seeking, poor ability to attend, and look like ADDHD due to the sensory issues.  Scenario Two: So here come the kids. Oh…

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Have a question? Ask Imua!

We here at Imua want to better connect with YOU. “Ask Imua” will open the floor to any questions regarding Imua’s services. You will be able to pose a question one of two ways: in the comment section of this blog, or on any of Imua’s social media accounts (facebook, twitter, instagam etc.) with the hashtag #askimua  and we will answer to the fullest of our ability. Confidentiality is a priority so for anonymous questions email us at msatoafaiga@imuafamilyservices.org. Names will be omitted unless otherwise noted. Ready. Set. ASK IMUA!  

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Sensory with Sallerson: Holiday How-to

What do you do with your sensory child during the Holidays? Sounds, touch, chaos, new people, and lack of a schedule can all trigger an outburst.  Amidst the shopping, holiday visitors, piles of gifts,  wrapping paper and ribbons, and late nights this can all be a recipie for disaster. Here are my TIPS for a better Holiday Season: Keep it simple, do not visit friends. Favorite people will come to see you, one at a time. Do it in the afternoon not at night. Gifts – Give one at a time. Let him/her play with the paper and then put…

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Sensory with Sallerson: What does it all mean?

SENSORY PROCESSING SUPPORTS WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? Take a look at the chart (click the link above.)  The top row addresses the high functioning fully integrated skills that come from good sensory processing. The information on the bottom row is the background support for these high level skills. Without the support (I call it the basement), the roof falls into the basement. When we have a child or adult who is having difficulty with the higher level skills of life we can evaluate using a variety of available evaluation tools to deduce which of the sensory processing pieces are…

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Sensory with Sallerson: Red Flags

If not addressed appropriately, sensory issues can affect how a child learns, communicates or interacts with others. In this week’s post, Sensory with Sallerson  tackles the question below. Sallerson reiterates the tools by Occupational therapist, Diana Henry MS, OTR/L. What behaviors indicate sensory issues? Defensive vs. Over Responsive The child responds to sensation from just one sensory system or from multiple sensory systems faster with more intensity or for longer duration than peers. Covers ears with loud noises Sensitivity to bright light Fears movement or changes of position Avoids touching certain textures Does not like to get messy Has strong…

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Sensory with Sallerson

Not familiar with sensory processing? Don’t fret, Imua Family Services Occupational Therapist Angella Sallerson OTR/L draws from her years of experience running a private practice on the East Coast and now as an Imua Family Services Occupational Therapist on Maui’s blue coast. Sallerson breaks it down for us in this first installation of “Sensory with Sallerson”! Photo courtesy of TheAutismHelper.com What is it? Sensory Processing is how your brain takes in sensory information from the environment, through various places in your body in order to help you to see (eyes), smell (nose), hear (ears) balance (vestibular and eyes), know if…

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