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Join the #ImuaBall with Dr. Heather! Our Live Blog from the event TONIGHT

If you can’t join us in person tonight at the fabulous #ImuaBall at the Hyatt tonight, follow me here for LIVE updates! Scroll down to see my new posts all night long. Don’t forget to visit our live Twitter feed here too. But first, let me tell you why I’m a child psychologist devoted to consulting at Imua.  We thought Kacy* had autism. He didn’t speak at age 2. His foster parents were so worried — he had spent his earliest months in an drug abusing, chaotic home. But once his team at Imua diagnosed and treated his emotional and developmental issues, Kacy…

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Crying it Out

This post from our very own Dr. Heather Wittenberg first appeared on her blog,Baby Shrink. One of the most primitive, innate reactions any mom has is to comfort her crying child. But as we’ve talked about here before, many babies can tolerate — and thrive — with some crying, when their parents thoughtfully decide why and when that might be necessary. That’s why articles like this leave me mystified — especially when they come from one of my shrink colleagues. Her bottom line is that CIO is dangerous. She trots out all the old arguments, hailing the Dr. Sears “science” behind her claims, and…

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Potty Training: Are We There Yet?

This post from our very own Dr. Heather Wittenberg first appeared on her blog, Baby Shrink. For our first baby, we approached potty training like a task to be accomplished. A skill to be learned. One more thing to check off the list for that day. Pee and poop — in the potty. How difficult could that be? Well, pretty difficult. While our daughter was perfectly normal, OUR expectations were totally out of whack. Pooping in the potty was a breeze. But peeing in the potty was something she couldn’t be bothered for. Too many butterflies to chase, too many…

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