Imua Early Childhood Series on Living 808: Early Childhood Development

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#WisdomWednesday, Carol Riccio, MS, PT

1. What is your favorite toy you use in therapy? I really like long strings of beads. To avoid choking hazards, I recommend beads that are molded to the string (pictured above.) There are beads light enough for babies to hold , fun enough that older children can play dress up and malleable enough to make into small rings or big enough to jump through. 2. Words of Wisdom…? Help your child develop good posture and core strength by encouraging them to sit on the floor with both feet to the front “crisscross” or both feet to the same side “side…

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#WisdomWednesday, Christina Jennings, SLP

Favorite Toy to use in Therapy? Books! Literacy – even under 3yr olds can be exposed to books. Remember to make it fun & repetitive. A personal favorite book is Yummy Yucky. Check back for a youtube reading soon! Words of Wisdom? Imitation – copy your child’s speech & babble (per-conversation skill.) When asking questions, always provide correct answers when child doesn’t respond or answers incorrectly.  

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Why read with your baby?

  Why it’s good to read with your baby, toddler, and preschooler… A stronger relationship with you!  Reading together can be a nurturing activity for parent and their active toddler. Basic Speech skills.  Hearing you read a book such as One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish or Brown Bear reinforces the sounds that form language. Better communication skills.  By witnessing the interactions between the characters in the books you read, as well as the contact with you during story time, your child is gaining valuable communication skills. Better attention and memory.   Toddlers may initially squirm and become distracted…

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Sandbox Talk: Imua weighs in on today’s HSA “Mandatory kindergarten expedited” article

“Mandatory kindergarten expedited” In today’s Honolulu Star Advertiser, it reported that Legislators are seeking approval of a bill to inform families about the new Kindergarten age requirement. We sat down with Imua Family Services’ Infant and Child Development Program Director, Dr. Bobbie-Jo Moniz-Tadeo to chat the new kindergarten law and her thoughts on early childhood education/intervention. To read the full article go to Good Beginnings Alliance website. 1. Kindergarten mandatory for 5 year old…? Yes! These are the very foundational skills needed for any child, typically developing or special needs. The first five years of a child’s life are monumental…

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#WisdomWednesday Christy Edwards, MEd

Favorite toy to use in therapy? MUSIC!!!!-Children birth to 3 are developing skills. They are learning to communicate, developing motor skills, and establishing social behaviors.  Music can help foster all these skills.  Through singing, children are working on vocabulary, articulation, prosody, oral motor and memory skills. Through beating on a drum or shaking a rattle, children learn about body movement and muscle control. Through dancing or marching to music, children are fine-tuning their gross motor skills. Through musical play, children learn how to say “hello,” identify emotions, gauge how close to stand to someone, how to listen when someone is…

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#WisdomWednesday Joni Watanabe, OTR/L

A UH Manoa graduate, Joni Watanabe began as an intern at Imua Family Services during Graduate school at Pacific University in Oregon. In 2009 she came on board as a  an Occupational Therapist where she continues to work alongside her former mentor. Toys in tow, Joni seems to always have lots of treats in her bag. Check out her must have toy and her tips to parents and caretakers below! Favorite Toy to use in therapy? Nesting/stacking cups (pictured below) – Due to it’s versatility, I can use this toy with my 1 year old as well as 5 year…

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#WisdomWednesday Sarah McCloud, DPT

Alaska native, Sarah McCloud celebrates her first year at Imua in less than a week! A Doctor of Physical Therapy, her 7 year academic career would eventually land her on Maui. We sat down with the quite but informatively lethal DPT to chat about her favorite therapy tools and words of wisdom. Favorite Toy to use in therapy? I would say the Therapy Ball. It’s used for vestibular stimulation and balance reaction, core strength and tummy time. For older children a smaller ball will help to ensure that their feet are planted on the grown when doing these exercises. Words…

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#WisdomWednesday with Aunty Lilly, AS, SLPA

Lillian Pimentel, AS, SLPA aka “Aunty Lilly” We sat down with 8 year Imua Veteran and Speech Language Pathology Assistant, Aunty Lilly recently to chat “Wisdom Wednesday.” Aunty Lilly explained the importance of quality time and the fine line between too much screen time and her recommended 30 minute time limit (ipod, ipad, tablet etc.) Favorite toy to use in therapy? I use a five piece animal shape sorter in almost every session. It’s a versatile toy that can teach a child about colors, shapes, problem solving, language, reciprocal play and more. I’ve used it with each age group I…

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