A Keiki’s Dream



“Around here… we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward (Imua), opening up new doors and doing new things.” Walt Disney – The Ultimate Dream Maker

In 1990 “A Keiki’s Dream” (AKD) was established and began supporting Maui County’s neediest children, granting them a day of fulfilling their dreams, empowering them to believe that they are special, that people do care, that there is hope, and dreams are worth fighting for.

Since the inception of A Keiki’s Dream, founder and former Executive Director Darby Gill has led the helm in aiding to fulfill over 1,400 dreams to children. Widespread community support and enthusiasm has attributed to its success. After two decades of service, A Keiki’s Dream Board of Directors announced the retirement of Darby Gill. In an exciting collaboration A Keiki’s Dream Board of Directors turned to Imua Family Services to continue the legacy and A Keiki’s Dream’s mission. With the guidance and kokua of AKD’s Board of Directors, Imua Family Services is thrilled to assemble a “Dream Team” that will aid in the transition as the program joins the umbrella of Imua Family Services.

“The dream-making program is a natural fit for us here at Imua Family. We already have great relationships with the Pediatric Practitioners across Maui County as they refer so many children to Imua for a variety of services regarding disability, development and other critical concerns.” Says Dean Wong,

When children are in crisis, they can lose hope. Sometimes their sense of stability is shattered, their faith in the future, humanity and themselves is lost. In continuing the tradition of A Keiki’s Dream, children who are referred to the program choose, create and experience his/her own special dream on Maui. This child directed approach not only offers a reprieve from suffering, but validates the child’s self-worth, sending positive messages of support and encouragement, reminding the child what it is to have hope. The goal will be to work collaboratively with these agencies to find those very special children who are in need of that magical boost from our community.